Your solicitor has asked us to arrange an appointment with a medico-legal expert, to assess the injuries you have suffered as a result of your accident.

If you are unable to attend the appointment that has been booked for you, please contact us on 01274 397 650 or via email at

In addition to providing your medico-legal report, our rehabilitation service team can help if you are in need of physiotherapy or any other treatment.


We will arrange a medico-legal appointment for you with an independent medical expert who specialises in the injuries you have suffered. The expert will usually be less than nine miles from your home.

Medical records

In some cases the medical expert may ask to see your medical records. This is usually if you have had a previous medical problem that could affect how quickly you recover from your injuries. We will obtain all your medical records at no cost to you. All you need to do is sign and return our Letter of Authority, giving us permission to contact your doctor/hospital.

Medical reports

Following your appointment, the medical expert will send their medico-legal report to us. We will then check that it is factually correct and forward it to your representative. In the medico-legal report, the expert will give their professional opinion on your injuries and likely recovery times. The medico-legal report will follow the format laid down by the Ministry of Justice, and will be used by your solicitor to support your personal injury claim.

Key Facts

• Nationwide coverage for medico-legal reports

• Nationwide rehabilitation clinics

• Over 3,000 medical experts

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