We provide a comprehensive Locus reporting service which combines GPS mapping and a ‘drive through’ view of all parties’ routes to the location of the incident.

Key benefits include:
  • View can be switched from the claimant to defendant to the third party.
  • Pedestrian and witness views can also be accommodated.
  • Visibility of hazards at any given time.
  • Perception of speed (speed at which footage taken is identified)
  • Print screen facility and library to store images. The images also have a detailed description of the location which is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Standard DVD functions including slow motion.
  • Speed, road name and distance to accident zone are displayed at all times so there is no need to constantly refer to a printed copy and work out the location from which the photo was taken.
  • Option to view a complete PDF report of the Locus containing a detailed description and still images. Video Reports are supplied on USB keys containing both the report and a tutorial.

Key Facts

• Nationwide coverage for medico-legal reports

• Nationwide rehabilitation clinics

• Over 3,000 medical experts

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