A crucial element in building a client’s case, photographs of injuries can sometimes add up to 25% to damages awarded. Recognising this valuable service as a key element to your clients’ case, we are able to organise and provide photographic evidence of an injury suffered by your client as a result of the accident.

We have partnered with a nationwide provider of scarring photographs, locus reports and DVDs for serious injuries. All photographs are turned around on average in two weeks, however, in emergencies they can be with you within 48 hours and home visits are available for those clients unable to attend a studio appointment.

In addition to photography we are also able to provide locus reports and videos. The locus videos give a drive through of all parties approach to the scene of the accident with GPS mapping, co-ordinates the distance to the collision point. The videos provide a visibility of hazards at any time and offer a perception of speed as well as the facility to go in slow motion.

Key Facts

• Nationwide coverage for medico-legal reports

• Nationwide rehabilitation clinics

• Over 3,000 medical experts

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